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Always Learning

We believe that learning is a life long process, and there is always more to be had.

From time to time we come across scholarly articles on various topics relating to learning disabilities and related conditions and post them for your information: These articles are being offered only for further clarity on topics and challenges surrounding LDs and are not meant to be diagnostic or an endorsement of any kind.


If you have read other articles that you found helpful and would like us to post them on our website, please send a copy to and our committee will review it for appropriateness.

Links for Statistics on Learning Disabilities :


For high school students transitioning to post-secondary school, the Government of Ontario and Regional Assessment and Resource Centre (RARC) have put together a fantastic online resource to provide tips and information on the transition at:

In order to get accommodations at the post-secondary level, schools require an updated Psycho-educational Assessment. If fees and time are problematic for you please visit the two links below to find information on Assessments in Ontario- offered with a sliding-scale fee depending on need.


Regional Assesment and Resource Centre (RARC):

Northern Ontario Assessment and Resource Centre (NOARC):

Teacher Helping Student
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