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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Teenage Students Raising Hands


The Justin Eves Foundation (Charitable #88535 9620 RR 0001) has been set up for the purpose of raising and distributing funds (in the form of awards) to students with learning disabilities entering post-secondary education in the province of Ontario.

Making a Difference

The Justin Eves Foundation has directly assisted over 400 disadvantaged students with learning disabilities in securing post-secondary education through its scholarship and bursary programs.

In order to qualify for a scholarship or bursary, candidates must be recommended by a teacher who has direct teaching experience with the student. They must have graduated from or be graduating from an Ontario High School. They must also provide an assessment by a qualified psychologist documenting that they have a learning disability that meets the definition as defined in the application package, and have been accepted or have applied to study at a post-secondary institution. Candidates submit a personal statement outlining the programs or strategies they have participated in to help them overcome their learning disability, how those strategies have helped them, their future education and career plans, and their extracurricular activities.

Following are excerpts from letters the Foundation received from recipients of this year’s bursary disbursements:

“I am extremely grateful for all the work you do for students with learning disabilities. Your encouragement and financial assistance truly supports LD students reaching our fullest potential.”  -Liam, McMaster University 2013


“When I received word that I was rewarded with the Justin Eves scholarship I was stunned and overwhelmed with gratitude. Your gracious donation to the foundation will have a profound effect on my educational aspirations and opportunities”  -Melissa, University of Guelph, 2013


“Thank you again for your help in supporting students with learning disabilities. It’s nice to know that there are successful business people out there that know the value of what we can bring to society. I look forward to meeting you one day.”  -Thomas, UOIT, 2013


“How can charitable donations reduce my income tax?”:- Canada Revenue Agency


Thank you for your interest in donating to the Justin Eves Foundation. Please direct any questions to


To support The Justin Eves Foundation and Students with Learning Disabilities:


Please note we also accept wire transfers and mailed cheques. For more information on these methods, please contact us at:


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